Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thirsty Thursday Shoveling Snow Soon

Will you choose to follow me into the Second Part of the first chapter of the Fuckno Wars? 

If so, before we go, here are some links for you, my friend.  You might need to rest your mind before we delve.  It's kinda creepy.  That's what I attempt to do.

I attempt to give you the willies.

Choose well.


Chooser, by Queens Of The Stone Age, 
from the Awesome dude who calls himself World Famous.
I would agree with that.

Books and bookshelves will matter in my tale for you.

Or not.  Look for rocking toe in this.

Maybe you prefer Sharks?  SHARKS!

Or perhaps you may open your eyes and look at around?

Just watch out for what you are looking at.

You may become hypnotized.  The evil purple robed Armed-men-ians in my tale were up to such a thing.

You may need to get some strength. Fortify yourself.  Beer, once again, is our champion.  Here is Super Beer.  You’re welcome.

Beer may not help, if you go about things the wrong way.

Or, you could be a hero.  Others can be heroes, if they see someone else take the first step.  Fuck thieves.  Heroism occurs in each small act, but it can unite us.  Do you have the balls to step up in an instant?

Heroism is tantamount.

Ya know.

God Help You.

God Help Us  All.

--willies out.

OK, One More For You.

OK, CBZ's nsfw


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