Wednesday, August 22, 2012


6th rule in Toddler Fight club , NEVER shit your pants in toddler fight club !!!

Three daycare employees were arrested on Monday for allegedly watching and encouraging toddlers to fight each other while under their care. According to Dover Police, three employees from the Hands of Our Future Daycare in Delaware were arrested after a cell phone video showed employees watching and encouraging two 3-year-olds fight each other. Tiana Harris, 19, Lisa Parker, 47, and Estefania Myers, 21, were charged with Assault, Endangering the Welfare of a Child, Reckless Endangering and Conspiracy for the incident, which occurred in March of 2012 and was captured on cell phone video. In the video, police say one child can be heard crying and yelling, ‘He’s pinching me,’ while a daycare worker responds, ‘No pinching, only punching.’” “Clearly one of the children is crying and does not want to continue on and he is pushed back into the fray by one of the adults,” Dover Police Captain Tim Stump said. Cristyl Slack says her four-year-old daughter was in the room when the fight happened in March. “That pissed me off just because I feel if my daughter is around anything I should have known that day,” Slack said. The fight video is not being shown to parents or the public because police say it is evidence.

The problem with Toddler Fight Club is that first 5 rules are about snacks and nap time. Talking about Toddler Fight Club isn’t nearly a high enough priority.

And REALLY, police? You’re gonna hold out on the baby fight club footage? We can see a gang of 14 year olds flashmob a Wal-Mart then beat each others’ brains in but tape a few baby pinches and you close the blinds? That’s fucked up. You KNOW we wanna see the baby fight club. Who was the Big Boss Baby in the ring? Was there a Tyler Durden-like gang leader? Did he mumble baby talk to himself like he had a split personality disorder? The people need to see this tape.

“You’re not your fucking Huggies.”

Here we go .....

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Paraphrased from the site:

They have never needed an actual airline ticket or a set of bound encyclopedias.

They are probably the most tribal generation in history and they despise being separated from contact with friends.

They prefer to watch television everywhere except on a television, and have seen a woman lead the U.S. State Department for most of their lives.

With MP3 players and iPods, they seldom listen to the car radio.

For them Kurt Cobain, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Richard Nixon have always been dead."

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