Sunday, August 5, 2012

Weekend At Willies Sunday Sideshow

TDC Forum Member Entropy Happens has a daughter who creates beauty with mosaic tiles.  Here's her link, on Etsy.  You can't have this particular piece of art, because I bought it.  It's name is, "A River Runs Through It," and since I live on an island in the middle of the biggest river in Maine, it was meant for me to have.

Help this bro out and vote for his daughter's contest entry.  It's number 9, "When Colors Collide."

Here's a summertime tune for you, from creepy ole Tom Waits.

Entropy Happens showed us a link in our forums to wearable LED printer from Swedenland.

Imagine being able to wear clothing that can change to suit the background?  Perfect camouflage.  Cuttlefish, like an octopus, will change colors by using electricity it generates in its skin.

You may blend into society.  No one will know that you are there, or what skills you possess, like this married couple who are Marines, and they were in the theater when the asshole opened fire.

Well, I almost drowned last night, going out on the river with a friend in a canoe to watch the fireworks for Penobscot Indian Days.  I had some amazing videos of the blasts over head, but then we dumped the boat.  My Droid Razr is fucked.  I was going to post some here today.  Still trying to catch my breath, and not in the mood to revisit Fuckno today.  Sorry about that.

Here’s how I’ll live the rest of my life.  200 MPH. 

Or, maybe I’ll savor every moment in Slo-Mo

Maybe I’ll open up a Swiss bank account and stash my millions there like Romney?

If you want to be president, hopefully you won’t acquire a Twitter nemesis like this comedian, Rob Delaney.

Here is a mental vacation, 36 best pics from 1991.

Here are the top ten Chrome extensions for your browser.

Superman’s Best Friend.

Who doesn't like good food?  Well, perhaps the residents of London.  Eateries and restaurants in London are losing business because of the London Games.  Here’s why.

Whatever you do, wherever you go, take it from me:  beer and canoeing in the dark by a river dam do not mix well.

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out.

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