Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Best Streaker of ALL TIME ??

This is just perfect execution of what a streaker should do , And its a thing of pure beauty when pulled off !

This guy is a BEAST ! He had it all in one short , quaint naked run through the Seminoles game . He had a massive head fake that actually pulled the cop off his feet into a faceplant which was actually worthy of the award right there . Then came the Starsky & Hutch like scaling of not one but two chain link fences naked which we all know isnt easy when your fully clothed .

But the kicker was the execution of having a getaway car waiting and meeting you mid escape was the cherry on top . This guy better be planning to rob a number of banks in the very near future or else he is just wasting his talents running naked at college games .

My Hero !!

Here's another ,This PSU guy was running like An escapee from the clutches of Sandusky. (With Paterno whistling into the sky and pretending he sees nothing)...Until the very end ...SO CLOSE !!!

Here we go ......

Eva Longoria shows most of her booty at the 2012 ALMA Awards

Today is the sesquicentennial of America's bloodiest day, (The Battle of Antietam) . This is an excellent article filled with useful links.

5 Insane True Tales of Wrestlers Refusing to Break Character

Kate Middleton gets the giggles as she is greeted by topless women in Solomon Islands

60-foot waterslide that starts on the roof
? Check. Ramp at the end? Check. Landing spot? Oops.

A cameraman on the floor above catches a mistress (painfully) escaping out the window when the wife comes home unexpectedly. Aaaaand she's right back on her knees.

White People Acting Extremely White - A whole gallery to satisfy your thirst for pastiness.

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