Saturday, September 29, 2012


Back from the desert.

How are you? Have you slept well?  I did not sleep much at all on my flights back to home.  But I have, indeed, made it home.  I am here, and my home is where Lisa is.

Goin' Home  by Dan Auerbach


What does “here” mean to you?  Is it where you occupy a home, a workspace, a truck, or even simple space?

Perhaps, being “here” is a simple answer to a simple question: “Why are we here?”

Here might simply mean  this:  We are here because of each other.  This is it.  Build your connections.  Be good.  Do not harm anyone else.  Dogma gets in the way of the truth.  Dogma can cause death.

A stupid video can make stupid people kill others.

Do not be stupid.

Tomorrow, I will have links for you, and the next part of the loooong tale I have telling you.

For now, enjoy your Saturday, however you go about it.

Tonight, as I write this, I am beat, but not beaten.  I will nestle between creamy thighs now.

That is what it’s all about baby.

Ya know?

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

--willies out.

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