Monday, September 10, 2012

I Don’t Get This Family At All

Well football is back , So thats a good thing !

Ok , im sure the hate mail will be flying after this one but someone needs to be voice that no one wants to admit ...what the hell is this guy thinking ??

Here's the story :

A mother of two who was born with a rare disorder which causes abnormalities in the spine, has found an unconventional way of getting around, she travels by skateboard. Rosemary Siggins, who is just 2ft 6in, suffers from sacral agenesis, and had the lower half of her body removed when she was aged two. She learned to walk on her hands at first, but eventually began using a skateboard to help her get around. While she was confident in her younger years, Rose became incredibly insecure about her condition when she was a teenager, and worried that she’s never have a boyfriend or a family of her own. She trained as a mechanic and qualified when she was 22, but was resigned to the fact that she’d be alone for the rest of her life. But Rose’s life changed in 1997 when she met Dave Siggins, who worked at the car parts shop she regularly used. ‘There was an immediate attraction for both of us,’ said Rose. ‘He treated me just like any other woman and told me I was beautiful. Eight months later, we began dating.’ Rose fell pregnant a year after she began dating Dave (who is 5ft 11in). The couple says they have a normal sex life.

I need someone to explain this to me right now what is wrong with Dave Siggins? Not his wife, I know she’s missing half her body and travels on a skateboard. Her deficiencies are quite apparent. But is he mentally ill or am I that big of a narcissistic asshole? I mean not only would I not date and fuck this lady. I’d literally run. A half human rolling around on a skateboard is shit out of a horror movie. It’s Sid Phillips in Toy Story just taking shit apart and molding it with other toys haphazardly. So how do they start dating? I don’t care about how she beat the odds and conceived. I don’t care about how happy they are. I just need to know what was going through Dave’s head. I mean sure, the guy isn’t red carpet ready. But I’m comfortable enough in my own skin to say Dave Siggins is good looking enough to date a full human person.

Here we go ....

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The suspension of the game must have proved troublesome for the bookies. Savannah State was a 70.5 point underdog after they lost 84-0 to Oklahoma State last week.

( FSU was ahead 48-0 at halftime.)

Key fact #1: Savannah State is rated 244th of the 246th teams in the Sagarin ratings. I have to think they'll move up once that "strength of schedule" factor kicks in.

Key fact #2: Savannah State made a total of $860,000 for the two games.

Unbelievable ~~~!!!!

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