Monday, September 17, 2012

If This Isn’t The Best Thriller Cover Of All Time, I Don’t Know What Is

Instant classic !!

( Just so you know , He starts killing it at the 1:10 mark )

Finally, a subway performer I’d have no problem giving my money to. His show had energy. It had charisma. It had heart. He put his soul on the line and left it all on the stage, stage meaning that seat on the 4 train. You’d really be heard pressed to find a more devoted showman in all of the crazy psychos that do this shit in the city.

And as if his performance wasn’t amazing enough, this video gets kicked up a notch by the uncomfortable Jew sitting next to him. I actually watched this video twice – once for the show, and again to just watch the facial expression on that bearded dude’s face. Comedy at its finest.

Thank god some Black people are super respectful of other people's personal space and they're never overly loud in inappropriate places...Hahahahahahaha

Here we go ....

Maria Castro Topless Pictures Pop-Up in Interviu Magazine

Closer Magazine Editor Hints She Has SEX PICS of Kate Middleton and Prince William

REWIND: 100 Movies In The Public Domain

There are some worthwhile films on this list. You can download or watch them all at

A Couple Humped In A Yankee Stadium Bathroom Stall For About Three Innings On Saturday [NSFW]

Plane crash video from inside cockpit

11 Drunkest Presidents in US History

Strange choices.

Taft, who is on the list, was actually a non-drinker for much of his life. He became a teetotaller in 1906, three years before becoming President, and remained so for nearly a quarter of a century. Neither did he drink anything more than an occasional glass of beer before that. "I abstain from wines and liquors of all kinds."

Andrew Jackson, who is not on the list, was a bourbon drinker, and reportedly not a temperate one. According to Ohio History Central and other sources, Jackson "had a reputation for gambling and drinking."

Liz Cheney accuses Obama of abandoning Czechoslovakia

Robcop Remake Poster Confirms The Horrible New Costume

First picture of film-maker who has enraged the Muslim world with a controversial movie - and the terrified actress he duped into taking a starring role

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