Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ladies , PLEASE cut the shit !!

Look , I have said it a million times .....GIRLS ARE NOT AS GOOD AS MEN WHEN IT COMES TO ANYTHING PHYSICAL ...PERIOD !!

Case in point : Check Out This Chick Trying To Play QB For HS Team In Florida

You guys see those spiraled bullets? Really showed off that cannon airing it out 15 yards. And I thought John Elway had a gun. This bitch can really thread the needle. Imagine if that WR was running full speed? Damn kid’s head would’ve come clear off.

And here I thought Florida and Texas were the meccas of High School Football. Where a third-string QB there would probably start on most varsity teams accross the country. Get this bitch off the field and back in the kitchen. Not because I’m being sexist, it’s for her safety. Can’t imagine what kind of uproar there’s gonna be when some 5 star recruit, 280lb DE who spent his childhood catching rabbits on foot to eat and survive knocks toot’s tits off.

Here we go .....

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