Friday, September 7, 2012

The Customer isnt always right

I want to share a typical exchange between myself and readers who email me when they dont like something I say on here , Which is a majority of the time , but not alot of them go to this extreme to try and get under my skin . What these dopes dont understand is that I LOVE this sort of discontent from readers because it breeds good conversation . This guy actually had emailed me once before and wasnt quite as brash but hinted to the point where he wouldnt be reading this anymore but here we are a year later an low and behold another email about something this dope disagrees with me on .

I value your comment but could give a elephants ball sack if you like what I say or not , I really dont . This was in response to my write up about the stupid girl who actually thought she could play football in high school .

So here is the first email I got from him ( I wont say this dingbats name because he would love that ) :

Holy Shit, Richie,

Is this the second time I am yelling at you? Come out of the closet you fucking faggot! You suck dick and you know it! How many times did you bight your pillow last week? My wife could kick your ass. You fucking pussy. I am embarrassed that you call yourself a man. Turn in your genitals.

Do you even know why you are such a homo? Because you fear a high school chick! Haaaaahhaaaaahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahaaaa.

You big piece of shit.

So here was my 1st response back to him :

Fantastic Rebuttal, Loved every minute of it !

Ohh and tell your dirty cunt of a wife she left her shit stained panties at my house again . Have a rainbow day !

And here was his next email :

Awesome! You are so afraid you have to bring up my wife? Why not bring my mom into it, or my dead grandmother. My dead grandmother definately can't hurt you.

Next comes my answer to that :

You brought up your wife , you Illiterate dumbbell.

Here was his answer to me :

Not for nothing, Your blog hates on high school girls in sports and praises goat penis. What are really trying to say?

And my response to him :

It's entertainment, just take it for what its worth and enjoy the randomness of my crazy thoughts , DULLARD !

And his last email to me :

That is a valid response. I forgot that you are the reasonable one.

So in the end , I win again . It's the fucking internet people and it is supposed to make you happy , sad and mad all in the same viewing period . Just relax and laugh or yell like everyone else does but please dont take the time to tell me how you feel cause I could give two and a half of those mealy shits less .

On a funny side note , This guys email all had a saying on them which was :

It is better to travel well than to arrive.

LOLOLOOLOLOLOOOL ....What a dickbag !

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