Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Stupid Muslims

Our USA women from the 80’s have bigger balls than misinformed terrorists.

Man, are some people dumb as a rock.

What a shitty movie below, and that caused death and hatred?  I hate crappy movies like the short video above, and the next one looks like it was directed by a drunk man with a scabby asshole.

Stupidity exists everywhere.

Really stupid folks kill others in their own anger.  They think that they are acting correctly, even if they don’t have a fucking clue about shit. 

Even worse than that is the fact that folks killed for a Troll. 

Follow me on this:  The director of that movie was a troll. Dumbass.  No other reason for making such a shitty movie than that.  He wanted a response, and then folks died.  He succeeded.  The first rule in dealing with an internet troll is this:  Never Feed The Troll.

Evidently, there are still folks who do not understand anything about stupid, sad-assed directors who can’t make a decent film, and then they get some innocent folks killed.

Stupidity exists in all places, and those who killed for this Troll only showed that he was correct in his stupidity.


We can all do stupid.

Do not feed the Troll.

Never kill anyone because of what a Troll says or does.

Get a fucking clue.  You killers have become a server to the Troll.  Your anger in the comments to this awful video only serves to show your worship to the evil that Sam Becile spawned.  Sam Becile.  In English, it sounds like It’s Imbecile.

The horrible movie was made a while ago by a Troll, but why use it to cause American deaths on 9-11?  Hmmmm…

Fuck the terrorists.

Be cool to the Muslims who are intelligent, peaceful, and polite.

That would be almost all of them.

You see, stupidity exists everywhere, and folks can get killed.

Don’t be stupid.

If someone absolutely must be terrorized, it should be this guy.

How about some nice Metallica?  Enjoy your day.   Wait.  Wha?  NOOOO!  I vill keel zese peoples who done ziss theeng!

More ugliness from the USA:  Fuckno, Califuckyourfacein, Chapter Nine ofthe Fuckno Wars.

For Daughter.  Cats.  Enjoy.  Now go study. College is 'spensive

Always remember, most folks everywhere are not dumbasses.  Most of us are actually pretty fucking all right.

You see, there are stupid folks no matter where you live.

They are at the mercy of the angry ones who troll.

Fuck you, Troll.

And fuck anyone who messes with the U.S.A.

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out.


OK, One More For You.

CBZ, nsfw


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