Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thirsty and Peaceful Thursday

Correction:  This art piece and more can be found at 
Begemott's Deviant Art Site    (Thanks Bollock!)

Welcome to Thirsty Thursday of the Mighty TDC.  You have had only two days of work before today, and tomorrow is Friday, the most anticipatory day of the week.  The weekend awaits.  How about some peaceful links and videos to calm your quivering liver?

Ok, you ask, and I de-liver.

Here's a peaceful song with a video of canoeing on the river.

Turn Out The Light by The New Amsterdams

Is it peaceful where you live?  It’s been said that it’s peaceful where I live, but dayam, ain’t nobody up here except for some moose and us Indians looking for them.


Here’s something peaceful and helpful.  Maybe women need to be upside down now and then to make them better?  Here’s the story of one such woman, from Discover Magazine.

Maybe you could help your woman out and give a big O once in a while so she doesn’t have to do it herself when you’re not home?  Might make shit peaceful around the homestead if she don’t know how to do it for herself.  Here’s help for her.

Uber-peaceful:  Sometimes I fly next to a corpse.  They don’t talk, and they don’t ask me to get up so they can take a piss. 

Little girl’s got Russian balls of steel.  She gets some peace and quiet.

Speaking of steel parts:  Someday, we will walk around in suits of steel.  Robotic exoskeletons.  Fuck yeah.

This will make you feel peaceful because you are better than others, like these fucktards:  Video composition of Family Feud’s best Fails.

Here's my own contribution to failing.  The Fuckno Wars:  36 Hours.

Peaceful video composition Stanley Kubrick’s Single Perspective, One Point, by Koganada, on Vimeo.


Very peaceful, after the quake:  Sean Clover’s Blended pics of past and new, very creative.  Let’s start with Pt. 1 which is the San Francisco Earthquake vs. 2010.

Peaceful Noah Kalina with his googly eyes ages 12 years in 7 minutes.  One pic a day, in fast motion.  Wow.  His hair is like Medusa’s.

Funny and awkward moments from the VMA’s of the past 28years.  Is MTV really that old?  Warning, there may be some titty here and there.

Well there you go.  Have some peace and quiet before you go out this weekend at raise hell.

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out.

OK, One More For You.

From the beginning of the universe to now, in two minutes.  Very cool, Joe Bush.

Welcome to The NEW Daily Column!!