Saturday, September 22, 2012

Weekend At Willies Blow It Up

Thank you for your patience with the next part of my tale, chapter eleven.

It involves a little ghost girl who when we first met her, she had no eyes.  But here, she would lead Tellesco to greatness.  She could see again.  It takes great vision to see the path out of despair and troubles.

Perhaps we could use this in our country’s time of such worries?


Here’s The Fuckno Wars, Chapter 11.     No, not bankrupt.    Hehehe

Perhaps in this time of economic woes, we need to remember how to approach our problems?  Mario might have the answer.  Remember playing Super Mario?   All your old school Nintendo games, playable in your browser.

We ‘Murricans know how to invent stuff.  No worries.  We can invent ourselves out of this hole.

Others can as well. With science.  Let’s watch how the gaseous entropic release of energy can create an explosion of awesomnality.  The fifth time you see the bucket rise is the bestest.  Hang time, baby.

Speaking of being bottlenecked by our economy, here's a bottleneck lock on Amazon.  Yes, in case you have some fine booze and there are kids in the house.  Or, if you really want to piss off your room mate/spouse/neighbor.

China has teleportationists.  Sweet.

Ted, the teddy bear movie is out in cinemas now.  Seth McFarlane is funny as hell in that raunchy movie.  So here is the Britland answer to that, by Rough Cut.

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out.

Ok, One More You.

Scary and NSFW due to Sarah Silverman’s swearing and thinking.  Yellow discharge? Yuck.


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