Saturday, September 15, 2012

Weekend At Willies for TDC: Global Stupidity, with Antidotes

Hold On To Freedom   by Lee Michaels

I got it wrong.  The film that sparked instant hatred in places that preach religiosity was not made in order to do that.  It was used, however, as a cover for another purpose.

Google, which owns YouTube, says that the video will remain up, except in Lybia and Egypt, where the rioting suckers continue with their uncivilized depravity, not to mention Tunisia, Sudan, and Yemen.  Chill out, dudes.  Get a fucking clue.

There are stupid people everywhere.  There was a teacher in El Paso who made her students draw pictures of the twin towers falling.  No shit.  Wow.

So I was wrong about the troll.  Sorry.  Fuck.  Smcasey will appreciate this.

Speaking of fuck, Facebook find:  First wife finds out about second wife.  Bigamy?  Who has the time?

Unsavory.  Beardchoice listed.  chico, lose the chin strap.  lol

Antidote, spend your time with something less illegal.  Here’s the NFL week one, in an infographic.  For the TDC Fantasy Football fanatics like our friend Laz.

Talk about dedication to your own enjoyment.  Always got time for an ale at the pub.  Everyday, for 72 years?  That is true dedication, my friend.  Jambo would appreciate.

Here’s the HD version of Curiosity’s Descent onto Mars. Entropy Happens would love this.  Lose the heat shield, then float in the parachute.  Disengage the parachute and fire up the landing rockets at the same time, at the last minute.  Land.  Take pic of yourself.  Fucking sweet, dude.  (Watch it full screen.)

Speaking of intelligent design, you should buy stock in this:  The new aluminum can tab:  it can close back up.  TIMT would love this new engineering feat, created by a guy who wanted to prevent bugs from entering his soda can while he works outside.

For Richie.  Slideshow of sexy Shima.

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out.

OK, One More For my buddy Tucky.  This short scene is from Tucker And Dave vs. Evil, one of the funniest horror movies ever made.  If you have Netflix, check it out.  Hey, rednecks are misunderstood almost all of the time.  I can attest.

Speaking of horror, here’s my own contribution to horror with a heart.

The next chapter of the Fuckno Wars

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