Saturday, September 8, 2012

Weekend At Willies Nothing Like Good Tale

Hey there, and welcome to Richie's House.

I'm stealing the keys for the weekend, and my name is willies.

Free willies.


Just don't get any in your eyes.

Eyes Without A Face   by Billy Idol

Nothing like a good tale, dontcha think?

Our CIA comes clean about the missing WMDs, which is how we began to clean up the mess in the middle east

I love a good story, don’t you?

Sometimes, folks want to ruin a good tale.  Here’s the Maven of Meth, to tell her truth about the excellent Mr. White.

Skin Deep. Here's a nice tale, with swearing.

Sometimes, even a god of a director, and a pretty good actor, can tell a good tale about why he screamed at an empty chair.  Here’s Dirty Harry, about his diatribe at the RNC.

If you want to get work, learn how to tell a tale.  It helps to learn excellent improve skills.

One another note, pictures can tell a tale in a thousand words you can’t hear.

Just don’t tell a tale like this.  Fuck Gangnam Style.  Them Greasey Asiatics and their taking over the world with their ear worms.

Speaking of bad tales, perhaps you might like to learn how to escape in a big rig?  There was a dead girl who was whispering secrets, but only No One would see her.  Here’s the CH 8 of The Fuckno Wars.

CBZ likes my tales.

Here’s his nawsty channel.

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out.

OK, One More For You.

Here’s what the rest of us are missing when we fly.  US Air Force One.  


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