Thursday, September 20, 2012

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Wake Up!  

Time for work.  

Time to get on the treadmill.  It may seem like you are walking in place, (watch his feet on the treadmill) but you can actually go forth and have a great day.  TDC's Bugman would appreciate this. We all await the weekend, but before that, we must endure the treadmill.

Here’s a link, from Richie’s Englandish bro, DavidEaves.  Dude created this site of 14 of the world’s most bizarre and also beautiful bathtubs.  Nice work there.

The bathtub in the shape of a boat makes me think of “Rub A Dub Dub, Three Men In a Tub.”  

No, that's not a new sitcom by Chuck Lorre, (who puts up his own words at the end of each episode he produces, each for a half second).  

Each of his vanity cards is different, and Chuck put them up on his own site.  If there is one person I know who is not vain, it’s our TDC’s  Fast Cast.  I ascribe to his tenets.  Dude.  So anyway, let’s start with Chuck’s first “Vanity Card,” for that Dharma and Greg thing a hundred years ago.  Navigate his site to look his vanity cards for Three And A Half men, or also, The Big Bang Theory.  Dude is a freak.

A Vanity Card is what you see at the beginning and end of each movie, or show.  Producers love to do this.  Sit, ubu, sit.

He’s rich, and famous, and it must be nice.

Antidote to self-indulgence, Steve Sabol who invented the best way to watch the NFl, has gone for the long pass and made it to the end zone. Rest In Peace, bro.

 How not to go about it, or maybe we should?  Fake BJ on a live TV Pirates game.  Avast!  Arrrrgh.

Just don't get punked.  Fox News gets fisted, again.

Dayam.  Now Teh Gheys (the gays) have forced Chik-Fil-A to it’s knees. What’s next, free facials with fries?

Antidote,  here's an awesome volcano video from a cool site.

More awesome, a Firenado.  I made that up.  Now where's my fries?

Speaking of a Firenado, someone F Bombed Mitt.

Full transcript of Romney’s Secret Tapes. Shoulda listened to Nixon:  "Burn The Tapes!"

Upon reading the above thing, a Chef committed suicide in his own restaurant.

Let’s see how to piss off angry religious zealots.  Muslims, this time.

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out.

Ok, One More For You.

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