Monday, October 1, 2012

And Fox News Just Aired A Live Suicide….

They were on a delay and this is why he catches it late

I don’t get why this news anchor wanted to get this off the screen so bad? It wasn’t that graphic. I mean what’s the point of covering shit live if you’re just going to turn into a Nancy Boy and pull it when it starts getting good. This is real life son. Let it roll. Let it roll.

Here we go .....

"British men have bigger penises than the French" ....And ?

Road rage Russian style: How motorists settle their scores with guns, bats and AXES

Pictured: The teenage girl who has transformed herself into a living anime character

The Pittsburgh Pirates have clinched a 20th consecutive losing season

10 Most Successful Mouseketeers

Video: Nationals' Michael Morse hits invisible home run . "The events leading up to the phantom home run were every bit as confusing as they were bizarre.

Tycoon Offers $65M to Any Man Who Can Woo His Gay Daughter

A drug-sniffing dog now is the only member of the Vaughn, N.M. police force

Remember Nadia from American Pie? Here's what she looks like now.

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