Thursday, October 25, 2012

Badass Florida Bobcat

Today we give some thought to a long time friend of TDC, Florida Bobcat.
You may have once been the prey of his mighty internet stalking skills
here at TDC, but one thing about him:  He never used his powers to kill,
against TDCers, that is.

Thank goodness for that.

Well, he is recovering from major surgery today, and so our best wishes
for strength and speedy recovery for him are indicated here.
The Florida Bobcat may have been endangered, but he is not extinct. 

Raise up your Thirsty Thursday glass of what-have-you and toast this man.

He's one tough ole bastuhd, yup.

I'm in Rhode Island, first time ever, and sad for me, the only way to
connect to TDC is through the business center computer.
I am writing this in Notepad because they have no Word.
Good thing that I can bring my dark brew in from the hotel pub and try
not to spill it all over the little workspace. 
Let's see if I can upload a pic.

Now for your links.

If you toast Bobcat, just don't get drunk at work.  Unless you are Jeff Goldblum and you can do this sort of thing.

Florida Bobcat has some stamina, yup.  Badass.  NSFW

Crazy cool pencil art, on by Diego Koi.  badass.

Tom Hanks don't give a fuck.  He's becoming badass.

Empty SF.

Now we are doing Halloween like Xmas?  Oh.  OK.

I am getting kicked off from a seemingly NSFW video up above, so, best wishes Bobcat!

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out.

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