Sunday, October 7, 2012

Ice Fishin' With Tucky Dave

Well hey there, ya gol-durned auntie-licker!  Our TDC bro Kentucky Dave has put up yet another of his famous posts for your consideration at this fine site, The Mighty TDC.

Job Security? Yeah Right!

Back in the day, when I was a younger man, you took a job with a firm/factory or whatever and that’s where you worked, unless you were a total fuck-up, until you decided to do something different. Even then, the opportunities to change directions were there at the place you were already at, all ya had to do was ask.

Well, folks I can tell ya from personal experience that it ain’t that way no more! For those TDC folks who do not yet know, I recently “walked” from a very good paying job after 3+ years of working feeling like I had a “bull’s eye” on my back. Older, highly skilled, higher paid employees are now being “targeted” so that they can replace ya with a kid for ½ or less the pay,  and let me tell ya, the stress level rises when that happens! It took me over 2 weeks to get my silly ass head pulled back together and get back out in the job market, and it seems that I have no recourse against the Managers that made me feel that way, and kept up the pressure until I finally snapped and said "screw it". For you younger folks, just keep yer ears to the ground, and pay close attention to what the damned bosses are doin and sayin to and about ya, It will change tone over time, I can ‘bout guarantee that!

OK, enuf with the bull-crappy, lets get to linkies!

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