Friday, October 26, 2012

Lisa Turtle is NUTS

WOW !!! Lark Voorhies – who played Lisa Turtle on “Saved By the Bell” back in the day — says her mother’s full of crap … insisting she is NOT bipolar, despite her mother’s claims. Lark’s mother recently told People her daughter had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder — but this week in L.A., Lark told us she finds the report “comical.” But the video is really bizarre — Lark can’t seem to complete a thought, taking abnormally long pauses and speaking nonsensically … saying things like, “Well you know, people want to express themselves and … you know, they will do so at free random.” ”The particular trade editorial [presumably People] and I are not in agreement, however. It’s so far left from what was actually atrast [???] or brought about.” Jesus Christ! Well that was awkward. Way to pump the breaks on those bi-polar rumors honey. “People want to express themselves and they will do so at free random… It’s so far left from what was actually atrast or brought about”. Hey Lisa what the fuck are you talking about babe? Bitch sounded like Miss Teen South Carolina trying to explain why Americans can’t find the U.S. on a map a few years ago. Walking lobotomy, this broad. PS – How awkward was it being that white dude standing next to her? Have fun with that bro. Here we go ..... Modernized President: Portraits of Abraham Lincoln, In Color Women stage topless demo at Ikea in Germany (with pic) NFL players vote on which of their peers are the most overrated . The top two both play on the same team - and they play the same position! 10 Dysfunctional Celebrity Families Dr. Richard Dawkins On Education, 'Innocence of Muslims,' and Rep. Paul Broun "Nazi buddha from space might be fake" No-o-o-! Say it ain't so. I was really convinced that this one was the REAL Nazi buddha from space and not another one of those fake ones. It's getting so you can't believe in anything. 6 Things Every Sucker Should Know Before Buying a Used Car Live Shark Drops Onto San Juan Capistrano Golf Course Scientists construct the most accurate model of a Neanderthal yet — and he looks just like Chuck Norris Music Break .....

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