Friday, October 12, 2012

LOOK AT ME !!!!!!!!!!!!

YouTube – This is one of my first times trying one armed push ups so forgive me if the form is off, lol. I haven’t done a standard push up in as long as I can remember. My quad actually isn’t touching the ground, it might look that way b/c of the loose shorts. Also, sorry for the little pause between push ups 3 and 4, I messed up a part of the solve.

“This is one of my first times trying one armed push ups so forgive me if the form is off, lol.” Yeah, brah. LOL to the max. I usually refuse to use the term ‘Hardo’ in my blogs because Other Blogs has already beaten that dead horse into the ground while snot rocketing all over it from his nose from Mt. Sinai, but this here my friends, is a fucking Hardo and a half. Words can’t even describe how much everyone should loathe this douchdick. Like there’s no other reason why someone would do this unless they had the crave for attention not seen since Kim Kardashian’s labia made her public debut. Plus this video will be deemed useless as it will be replaced with something better soon. Give a random Asian kid two weeks of training and a guaranteed lifetime of supply of Arcade tokens and he’ll solve the Rubik’s Cube in 4 seconds with no hands while doing cock push-ups.

Nice Mets hat, assface.

Here we go .....

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Dude, who cares?

If you do, read all the stats at the link.

For the record, the difference between them was within the margin of error.

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