Monday, October 29, 2012

Sandy is on her way

Well Hurricane Sandy is on her way and it looks bad for all our folks down at the immediate shoreline so be safe my friends and listen to the warnings . The rest of us wont get it that bad , Not as bad as the stupid news or our moron governor makes it out to be .

Frankenstorm! S’noreastercane! The Full Moon and the high tides! The trees are still in leaf! Blahbbity blah blah blah. I’m so sick of these thunderstorms. Always getting overhyped and overrated. If Sports Illustrated did a poll of all the other weather systems, they would vote Hurricane Sandy the most overrated. The last time they talked about a storm like this was Hurricane Irene. Evacuating people and shit and it just turned out to be a rain storm with some flooding. Get a grip, Connecticut because they told us we werent getting a direct hit anyways already . All this “unprecedented” talk. Shit happens once a year. Quit being such pussies.

The only good that comes from all this hysteria is the inevitable press conference Malloy is gonna have to hold to address the emergency. He’s such a bitter old salty Hen when he does those things. He’s gonna be like “Uhhh yea its gonna rain a lot make sure you have an umbrella no further questions good night.” Spike the mic on the ground and walk off with the double middle finger in the air.

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