Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Stupid Girls

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Ok , Lets set this off ....

Normally this would be “Chicks are dumb, what a typical chick move, blah blah blah”. And I’ll tell you what. Chicks are dumb, and that was absolutely a typical chick move. And that girl’s a fucking idiot. But you know who else is dumb? Europe’s dumb. Because putting all your cars and trains on the opposite side of the road like that is as sure fire a way as there is to decapitate tourists. Doesn’t make any sense. We invented the car, we get to decide how to drive it you scurvy ridden pansies.

Here we go ...

Genius scientists determine that wine goes well with meat

The Late Night TV Page - Talk Show Guest Listings: In re-runs this week: Leno, Letterman, Fallon.

Best picture of Stephen King ever

Legendary Entertainers' Last Words

The story: The legendary actor and radio personality died at Toluca Lake, California at age 100. His wife Dolores asked Bob where he wanted to be buried, prompting his last words..... The words: “Surprise me.”


Kim Kardashian in a see-through skirt
(thong beneath)

Madonna drops trou on stage (thong) 3:00 mark

Flying Skyhook wasn’t just for James Bond, it actually rescued agents

The worst possible sound to the human ear is Mariah Carey singing. It's science.

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