Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thirsty Thursday Progeny

Think of the kids.

Let’s get the politics out of the way.  This is exactly why Bamalamadingdong (thank you Jambo for that name) lost the first debate.

Now on to a serious discussion.

Our kids, our progeny, they have the capacity to learn, as well as to teach.

Got a daughter?  I hope your daughter is on a better track than a certain little tyke on a friggin cable channel.
Here’s Christopher Walken with others of his Seven Psychopaths movie cast reading Honey Boo Boo Chile.

Here’s a short flick about learning things, with an evil bent to it.  Nice.

Perhaps your daughter will have a knack for crying in movies?

From TDC member Entropy Happens, this:   My new favorite YouTube channel.  Blackboxtv.  Dude had me at horror.   Let’s start out with the daughter drawing in her bedroom on the floor.  Cute.

American family and our progeny, our offspring, our spawn?  From Russia, with love (couldn’t resist a 007 reference, sorry)

Antidote to cuteness, a consideration:

Friggin Taliban/ Al Queirdo terrorists shot a little Pakistani girl who enjoyed being educated.  So what if she talked about how great it is to learn?  Dumbass terrorists shooting kids now?  Stupid, ugly, and pathetic are three things no one should ever pursue as their own career goal.

Speaking of stupidity, but mixed with excellent engineering, here’s a baby carriage led by a team of ten horses.  Ten horse power.  Crazy dude.  This Britland dude calls the baby carriage a “pram.”  Sup wid dat?

Here’s a beta-test for the next chapter of my own stuff.  See you on the weekend, if you care to read the full thing. It takes a lot to do, ya know.  Thank you if you have been checking it out, my friend.

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out.

Ok, One More For Ya.

From Soxxie of Cranberry Zero’s site, here is a little perspective for you.

Ya know, you can never go home.  There is no return.  There is only forward motion.  Sorry about that.

Can’t Find My Way Home   by Blind Faith


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