Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thirsty Thursday Rising And Falling

Animals  by Toadies

When I was very young, I saw the live transmission of the first human to step onto the surface of the moon, and though it was on a black and white television, I became enthralled with space.  I wanted to be an astronaut, didn’t you?  I owned the green plastic army men, (The Sniper was awesome because he could do the flying drop kick) 

but I also had the red, white and blue spacemen.  There was one who held what appeared to be a flame thrower, and he would go on to kick all of the green army men’s asses with that thing. 

(Why did he hold a flame thrower?  Such an ugly way to kill someone, via the Vietnam War Era…)

When the idea of the shuttle was first introduced, I retired my plastic model of the Saturn V rocket and glued up the model of the improbable-looking craft that had wings for a nice soft Earth landing.

It also meant that lunar landings were ceased.

Here is a video of the final chapter for our Space Shuttle Program, NASA’s most ingenious reusable spaceship payload system.  It is a time-lapse of the retirement journey of Endeavor. 

We had such lofty goals…  And we still do.  Felix Baumgartner tested out his own re-entry vehicle, a pressurized space suit, which of course you know about unless you are living among the rocks and throwing them at others in your angry religious inferiority complex.  Here’s the shortest Freefall, via Conan.

We wondered if we might discover life that did not come from here, there on the moon.  Here’s a screen test for little Henry Thomas when E.T. was being cast.  “Tell him he can keep him.”  Had to bring him back out of his engagement in the moment.  Very cool acting chops in that kid.

Meanwhile, back to Earth stuff.

Here is a video about two different people who spend their own time earning money to pursue a lower goal.  They want to improve their physical shape via plastic surgery. 

Q:  “Why not just work out?   A:  “It’s just not sexy/glamorous.”  No, it’s called being lazy, bitch.

Losers.  Here is something better that surgeons are capable of doing.  Although it took a hundred of them in Tag Team format, it helped a man get a face, after his gun accident took it from him.  (Not gory, just cool.)

Google opened up the doors to its internal workings.  “Do No Evil.”  Cool Pics.

The following is an exploration of our use of Google’s awesome power.

Why not have a famous skate-boarder interview the brilliant and down to Earth Louis CK?

Slacktory rhymes with factory, and it is the name of a funny youtube channel that offers you some fine editing.  The latest vid is a compilation of the Claire Danes Crying meme going on. 

Here is Ain’t It Cool showing some cred.  All about Fan Films.  A find by CBZ.  You will be familiar with Ain’t It Cool because they are the ones credited with effusive blurbs about how each and every movie is “Exciting!  Positive!  I laughed so hard I blew my uncle,” or something like that.  The only movies that will use their blurbs are the crappy ones.

Here are the top 100 internet reactions to the 2nd presidential debate.  Funny shit compiled at Ranker by Brian Gilmore.

Not to be outdone, here’s another compilation by RoboPandaon Uproxx.

Jimmy Kimmel’s compilation of dumbasses who didn’t even watch the debate.

Another video compilation, at the bottom of the totem pole.  Wrestlers just breathing between screaming at the camera, by lem0n2lime.  Hehehehe

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out.

Ok, One More For You.

A TED talk, no, I mean, an OnionTalk about new automobile fuel technology.  Very interesting. Very fucking funny.  Aww, Onion, thank you.

Ok,  Another one for you.

50 Shades of Sasha Grey.  NSFW due to pron talk.

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