Saturday, October 13, 2012

Weekend At Willies Douchedick

Away   by The Toadies

Yesterday's rant by Richie was true.

You nailed it bud, and it is so very, very true.

It is all about "Look At Me!!!!!" these days.

Fake humility such as, "I deeply apologize to you for my fail as I stopped between the 4th and 5th one-armed push-up while I was trying to unwind my pre-wound "fix" on my Rubic's Cube and almost fucked it up might have detracted you from my mastery at having nothing better to do with my time than working out at a gym bought and paid for by my rich parents with their money that I have had nothing to do with earning but enjoy all of the benefits from it and so I will boast to you about my luck while you stop for a moment between looking for a job to save your family before you end up living on the streets.  I worked really hard to get my video perfect, and I am truly sorry," is nothing more than a one-person circle-jerk.

You see, we now live in a world of fifteen minutes of fame.

YouTube, Facebook, etc have given rise to self importance.

Excuse me while I tweet a pic of my latest turd.

I had puffer fish last night cooked by a personal hibachi master in an exclusive restaurant, and my poop is now rainbow colored.

'Cause I'm vicarious-wealthy.

Fuck you, Douchedick.

(Thank you Rich, for my new favorite term.)

Vicarious Wealthy   by Anthony Conner

Here are your links.

Question:  Why be a Douchedick?

Don’t we have some intelligent hacker-people who could wipe off the orange Cheetos dust from their fingers and perhaps engage in somethinguseful for the country in which they live and enjoy freedom? 

You too can be awesome.  Let Danny Devito show you how. 

Don’t listen to this.

Watch this.

This is how Jim Lehrerererereummm should have ran the first debate.

Begin the slideshow.




Antidotes to political shit:  A look at the Grand Canyon, like you’ve never seen.

Short flick.  True Skin. Pretty cool.

Will you join me tomorrow for a weekend at willies Sunday Sideshow escapade?

Chapter 14 will be another diversion for you, if you wish.  I hope you can take it all in.

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out.

OK, One More For NSFW.  really, after all this?  Dude.  Don't be a douchedick.   LOL


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