Saturday, October 20, 2012

Weekend At Willies Rocket Definition


Thank you for visiting each time that you do, and Happy Saturday to us all.

The Mighty TDC, owned and operated by Rich Fowler, has been in existence for over a decade, and that isn’t small change by any means, in any business at all, let alone the big  wide world of the internet. Many will attempt, and almost all will fall by the wayside after a short period of time, give or take a few years.

The longevity of a site reveals something about both the operator and his visitors.

It is a Definition of Character.  Please allow me to explain.

What defines you?

We define ourselves by our political affiliation, our choice of each sports team, our roles as parent, spouse, and breadwinner, and even by the nicknames that others have given us.

But what about you?

What are you hiding there, chummy?

Now, I’m going to ask you one last time to stop putting your hand down into your tighty whities.  Keep some things private. What is meant here is a simple question.

It’s this: Have you been holding out on the rest of us?  Is there something that you want to be really good at doing, but you keep it secret for some reason? 

A surprising amount of people are unsubstantiated in this poll.  The results point to the illusive fact that everyone is good at something.  However, not many have the guts to follow through on their perspirations. 

Now be serious.

You know, there is something about us, we Americans, that makes us different from the rest of the world.  It’s called "being the most powerful country that has ever existed, filled with the most ingenious pioneers per square mile of anyplace, anywhere," and we keep trying to share our wealth of information with the rest of the world, even with those who keep throwing stones at their own shadows.

Here is an example of our American ideal of leadership.

Do you know about Freddie Wong?   This is a story about a young American who truly exemplifies the spirit of our country, and how we each can contribute to the betterment of all.

Freddie Wong, behind the scenes for an advertisement.

His field of excellence was one that he did not choose at the outset.  But do you know, when you find something that makes your tail wag each time you think about it, then why not pursue the perfection of it?

Why not follow that path?  What’s holding you back?

Of course, most of us can only work on it when we get some of that rare free time, because we have the “earning money to put food on the table” thingy to do, or the “looking for a job” unpaid work that is the ugliest thing a man will ever have to face.

The idea is this:  Make the time, in our life, to pursue something we truly enjoy.  Make that time for yourself.

Interestingly enough, if you do indeed follow your muse and get good enough at it, then perhaps good things will await.

Just keep plugging away.  You can, indeed, make a difference in your life.  You may make a difference in our world.  But most of all, you may do something that means something to you.  Ya know?


This is my home.  Short flick about a guy who likes to have visitors in his antiques shop.  But it’s not actually a shop.

The First Ladies Debate, did you miss it?

Should have been sexy.

On to serious stuff.

007 Movie?  Check.

Free shit?   Check.

Interesting challenge?  Check.

This is how it is in the airport for me anyway, just trying to get home to my lady.  She calls me “Ohhhh, Ohhhh, Seven thick in---”  AHEM.  Sorry about that.  Now she’ll call me a zero.  I’m a fucking nerd, I know.

Viral Videos, your internet go-to for all things video-related.

BTW, who controls the internet?

50 Halloween costumes from TV shows

Well, fuck.  Sheriff Woody done sweared.

Here's is something interesting from Nipon, which is Japanese for Japan Woody with a woody.


The Antwoord, from South Africa Warning:  Toetighty starting at 3:50 and on...

Newest from them.  Fatty Boom Boom.  Turn your bass up.  Shit is going to get weird, ant.  Entertainers, in the new world?  You don’t even know.

Now back to reality.

Here’s the beginning of how Freddie Wong did right.

Richie showed we TDCer’s Freddie first, with this “first-person-shooter” videogame capture last year:

The idea is that if you work at what you like to do, and keep plugging away, then you will rise.  Rock it.  

Define yourself.

Here's the next chapter to the tale.

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out.

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