Monday, November 5, 2012

Crazy, Crazy week !

Tough week last week here in the Northeast , I hope everyone faired ok during the storm and has power back . I had about 6 trees come down in my backyard and really cause some damage to my toys in my backyard ....but it could be worse and thank god it wasnt .

Ok , Now old people are fun tool on once and a while but they are innocent . This Douchebag deserves to be castrated for what he did !

I’m never in favor of stealing from little old ladies. They’re like the nicest people in the world. Just drifting through the twilight years whooping it up playing checkers and watching Maury and doling out fresh bills and savings bonds left and right to their grandkids and shit. They’re the best. But having said that this broad is a walking, wrinkly dumb bag of rocks. Like how fucking stupid do you have to be to fall for that trick? Lady you’re like 95 years old. Those hips ain’t churning butter like they used to. Took you like 8 seconds to pick up whatever it was Hamood fake dropped on the floor. Surprised the dude didn’t snag your credit card and ring himself up a carton of Marlboro Red’s while he was at it. Gotta keep your head on a swivel Grandma. Wake the fuck up.

Here we go .....

Sweden runs out of garbage
, forced to import from Norway

Daniel Bedingfield strips naked
and romps with babe in sexy new video ( NSFW )

NBC Websites Hacked

Drummer steals show , Skip to 1:13 to see the fireworks !!

Europe’s Largest Betting Company Is Paying Out Obama Victory Bets Now

Britain has invaded all but 22 countries in the world

... and the 22 they have not included include many non-entities: The Marshall Islands, Sao Tome, Andorra, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco and Vatican City. If you just name all the countries you can think of, it might be a while before you mention one Britain missed. (Unless you say Sweden early.)

The 5 Most Terrifying Rites of Passage from Around the World

Kevin Smith's 'Star Wars: Episode VII' Audition Tape
- Kevin Smith wants to direct the next Star Wars film, and Conan uncovered his audition tape

42 Photos of Braless Beauties
, We should all support their right to refuse support.

Dragon Baby , The most ass-kicking thing to hit the Internet today is also the most adorable.

Kasia Danysz
( NSFW ) .....She's from Poland, where the women just wear bracelets and heels. Maybe.

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