Friday, November 16, 2012

Little Boy's Anus-Scented Oil: The Perfect Stocking Stuffer For That Megan's Law Asshole Down The Street

Heres the article on it .

That’s it. Everybody put away your studded cock rings and stuffed bear paint sex materials — the Japanese have done it. They win. They have reached the maximum level of weird sex purchases. Little boy anus scent? The competition is over.

This stuff’s gotta be like catnip to a pedophile, eh? Like if Sandusky had a bottle of this stuff in his cell his leg would start shaking and he’d be drooling all over himself bouncing off the walls like crazy. It’s probably what his cellmate uses before sex to get Jerry’s butthole nice and moist.

Okay, that was gross. But not nearly as gross as selling little boy anal oil in a bottle. You’re disgusting, Japan.

PS – Hook me up with a bottle of Schoolgirl Armpit.

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