Monday, November 26, 2012

So I know some of you noticed and maybe some of you didnt but I took all of last week off mainly due to the fact that I have become a little burnt out from this and need to refresh my batteries and the page in general . I really want to go somewhere where I havent gone before and do didnt and fresh things and I dont know what yet . Look , I know its a stupid blog and im not full of myself but I really want to do something that I enjoy on a daily basis too and right now it just is good ....not great . I dont think people want the standard blog where all I do is talk about my own stupid boring life everyday , but sometimes the personal stuff gets the most reaction out of our forum community ?

Our little web community rocks and I have met many , many cool people on here and in person from this and thats why I continue to do this .

I dont know my angle yet but BIG changes will be coming in the future , hopefully sooner than later, but they are coming as soon as I find what it is im looking for .

Until then , Enjoy the columns .

And were off .....

Welcome to Cyber Monday where all the NORMAL people shop , Unlike Black Friday where THIS happens :

BLACK MOTHERFFUCKING FRIDAY! My favorite day of the year. Bitches getting stabbed, trampled, suffocated all in the name of saving 5 bucks on a cell phone. Air raid horns going off in Walmart. Screams of terror as people see their lives flashing before them.It’s like real life hunger games.I wait for this day 364 days a year just so I can watch the chaos unfold. LOVE IT! Let’s do this thing!

Here we go ....

Spider-Man And Uncle Sam Get Intimate Before Macy's Parade

Birmingham’s nativity Jesus replaced with Garden gnome

At the height of the space race, the U.S. considered detonating an atom bomb on the moon as a display of America's Cold War muscle.

I dont get it ??

Brown Friday: Why do people poop in retail stores?

The 5 Most Impressive Things Built by One Obsessive Person

The Greatest 37 Seconds in YouTube History......Yeah, it's boobs bouncing in slow motion.

A Car Wash With Some Extra Service , It's the #1 car wash for people who shit their pants on the road.

The 20 Hottest Miley Cyrus Photos In celebration of her 20th birthday.

Music Break ....

Welcome to The NEW Daily Column!!