Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Aftermath

We're Fucked

Pay attention to Voodoo Economics; this will matter in the next four years. Seriously.

But there may be hope for us all:

America’s correct Ben Stein recently said, “We were pronounced dead after JFK stole the 1960 election in the cellars of the Chicago City Hall. We were in the morgue after the Goldwater defeat. We were dead and buried after Watergate and the 1974 Congressional elections, when the GOP was just a nub in Congress.  We will come back stronger than ever this time, too.”


NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice’s Donald Trump and NBC’s News Anchor Brian Williams are gonna duke it out.  They are pissed at each other.  Said Williams, "The Donald has driven well past the point of relevancy.”  The Donald replied, “That dude is a boring bastard.”  Get these men a cage and let's see this happen.

Superstorm Sandy fucked everything up.  Folks in New Jersey were pissed off at having to vote in the dark.  As if they don’t have enough to deal with, and then there is this latest storm.  God Help You.

Here’s the basis of why shit is so fucked up in Washington DC, and why Congress is broken.  Solid analysis.  Take the time to check this out, and,  …it was written back in October of 2010, by Sean Theriault of the University of Texas at Austin.  Texas predicted this mess.  Texas knew.  Got this shit right.

Who was running for president anyways?  Google lets us know how many asked this amazingly stoopid question, and when.  Really?  Just before the election?  Get a fucking clue.  It could have helped.

For you who didn't vote, here ya go: This will make you mad.  Obama responds to his win via his anger translator.

Newt admited he was wrong when he predicted that Mitt would win with over 300 Electoral College votes.  Perhaps folks felt safe and didn’t go out to vote.  Did he make folks think it was OK to not go out and vote?That harkens back to how George W. Bush got in a second time: when them liberals were complacent that Bush wouldn’t get in again.   Everyone needs to vote.  Unless you are in Illinois, which votes blue everytime… 

We need to think about Florida a bit.  Hanging chads?  Well, never that shit.  They are still trying to count their votes.  Maybe they can get Mitt back in?   Jeez. Get your shit together Fla Fla.

How about some mindlessness to take your mind off the lessness for a bit?

Slightly NSFW,  behind the scenes of Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, from College Humor.

The Electoral College is explained.  But really, you should have voted.  This is bullshit:

28 things much worse than political talk on FB. 

Maybe folks were busy on their cells and not voting?   Here’s “Cell Phone Crashing,” by Mediocre Films.

Maybe non-voters were on bath salts?


God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out.

OK, One More For You.

In the end, we don’t need to worry about Mitt.  He will be OK.  Dude is rich, baby.  Just like you and me.  Being rich is fucking awesome, ain't that right?

China, here I come.  

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