Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thirsty Thursday Social Contract

Ride My Pony   by Ginuwine

This isn’t scary at all, is it?  Andrew Hales shows how vulnerable we normal folks are in a social setting, when we sacrifice our personal safety in order to not break the social contract of politeness and diplomacy with each other.  It’s something to consider.

The Social Contract is the foundation of how all society works.  That is why we feel embarrassed when we don’t know someone who tells us that they know us. 

It is an agreement of reciprocation, of validation, for each of us.  It is so powerful, such a basic thing instilled with each of us from the moment of birth, that the only ones who can escape its power are either those who have a clue, or those who don’t give a fuck about society.

It's about validation. (Posted this years ago here, but it serves its purpose now.)

So, when someone breaks the code of conduct by pranking us, why not prank them back?  This is a charming short video posted by some amusing Koreans, and even if it might be fake, it is indeed a good instruction for how to flip the contract-break by going even harder.

Here is an antidote:  Fifty Shades of Grey, read in fifty different voices by the excellent Brock Baker.  NSFW obv, but only in the sound, so put on your headphones.  Start with Christopher Walken.

Or, consider the idea of simply being you, and only you.  Gustavo Almodovar has a name you won’t soon forget.  He’ll make sure of that, in 30 seconds or more.

Do what you will to test the boundaries.  Social conventions are fun to mess with, but it all comes down to trust and propriety, isn’t that right?  NSFW

Oh well.

Shake Ya Ass   by Mystikal.   

“I came here with my dick in my hand”

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out.

OK, One More For Ya.

Here’s the only online video of a scene from a movie that was litigated (sued) by those who were in it.  And it is very shitty, in quality.  Surprised it’s still on yt.

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