Wednesday, November 28, 2012

This Has To Be The Most Twisted Elevator Prank Of All-Time

I would shit a small asian boy !!

I don’t mean to sound like a tough guy here because I’m terrified of shit like this and I scare real easily. Not afraid to admit it. I’ll for real shriek at basically anything. Big time pussy when it comes to being scared. But how is the instant reaction of these people not to judo kick this bitch right in the head and see if she’s a real ghost or not? I think that’d be the first thing I do. Just a combination of screaming like a girl while delivering a spinning roundhouse straight to her dome. Straight up Anderson Silva this slut’s cerebral cortex and send her head flying into the “door open” button while urine runs down my pants and I run out of the elevator pissing myself. Kind of a no-brainer move if you ask me.

PS – Real sweet prank doing this is Brazil or wherever these Spanish people are. I guarantee every person in this video was crazy religious. Like no question they all thought there was a ghost or angel of death standing next to them.

I think I would :

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