Saturday, November 3, 2012

Weekend At Willies Rise Up

Power.   Ya gotta love people who help out.

Pics of damage.  God Help You.

How you doing?  Here are 10 things everyday items  you can re-purpose in order to survive a natural catastrophe.

We are in for a long season of more super storms, and also drought, in the summer ahead.  Time to invade Canada and take over.  There will be fresh water there, the new oil.  Mayan prophecies?  That’s false.  Here’s some science for ya.

We still have to find a way to make a buck.  Here are some makeshift offices in New York City.

Who you voting for on Tuesday?  Here is a video folks who find out (at 4:30) that what they thought Mitt was capable of doing, Obama has actually already done.  Kill lists?  Loss of your privacy rights?  Yup.  That’s your presidentialist.

To be fair to the liberals, here’s the religion of Mitt, by himself.  Freedom of religion must be protected.  Indeed.

The electoral college works like this:  Take three districts, and each one submits a vote to the electoral college.  One of them has a huge bunch of people who turnout to vote, and almost all of them vote for candidate A.  The other two have a few people each who come to vote, and they vote for candidate B.  Out of these three districts, then candidate B wins the vote for this electoral college.   Numbers lose.  Electoral College may make it easier for the number counters, but it really isn’t all that fair.

Antidote:  Let’s have some fun.  You have enough going on, my friend.

Slash.  Standing In The Sun.  Stand up, baby.  Crank this shit up.

Nic Cage as everyone.  That ongoing blog is three years old now.

Vampire Christopher Lee reads Tim Burton’s poem, The Nightmare Before Christmas.  For you, daughter.

Something to pass the time as you wait for FEMA to help you out:

The Mystery Science Theater went through many changes over the length of the series, but always remained true to its original intent, which was this:  To make fun of really bad movies.  Here is the first video, one of many uploaded by a hard working fan: TreJowy.  Thank you, sir, for your good work.

Here’s a flight safety video from New Zealand.  I wish I could get serviced by one of those pretty Elvish ladies on a flight.

But all I get is a video from that big lipped Delta chick, still running, from a few years back.  Parody, here.  She’s still a hotginger.

Reddit links for the latest internet meme.  Friggin smirky Obama.

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out.

OK, One More For You.

New Haven has some secrets.  Sandy uncovered one of them.  Human remains, with a tree planted over them, uprooted.  Nicely creepy, New haven.  Sleep well.

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