Saturday, November 10, 2012

Winter Heat In A Blackout: Look For Wood

Ernest Ranglin

How you doing?  Got the lights on?  Got the next week’s meal bought and stored?  Many folks are still relying on the government to help them, and we wish you well.  We wish you the best.

For all of us, here’s a consideration of sorts, which is this:

Are you prepared for the next big storm?  How about the next lengthy black out?  Do you have a plan?  Can you provide light, heat, and food for your family?  Of course you are ready.  It’s important to be prepared for the next thing that may happen.

A non-political arm of our U.S. Federal Government has a site that may help you. If you don’t know about this, maybe you should consider checking it out. Get Ready.

As we enter into a new weather-driven climate for our country, there are other things to consider.

Do you know how to plant and grow food when it becomes warm enough again?  Do you know how to preserve food?  Those of you who engage in these practices might do so because eating food with no hormones or pesticides or preservative chems will be much less likely to develop disease in your lifetime.

But what if, someday, you need to depend upon a local supply of food for a much longer period of time?

As we encounter more and more large, hungry animals displaced from their own habitats due to our sprawl, and they come into our neighborhoods looking to eat, consider this:

They are a viable source of food.

Do you know how to hunt game, then select and preserve the meat?

This is not fear-mongering.  This is looking at the change in the world’s weather patterns, and that is what I do for work in the science field.

I am not wealthy, and I would miss junk food greatly if it became much less available.  That shit tastes mighty fine to the likes of me. 

As with every hunting season, I got my moose all packaged up in the freezer for the rest of the year, and that is some tasty meat.  Some of it cut up for roasts, some are steaks, and some are going to be made into spicy jerky.  The heart of this beast was the most tender muscle to sizzle with onions.  (Forgive me for slicing the name of a fictional character into it and posting a pic of it into a chapter of the horror tale I’ve been writing for you all these years.) 

Just trying to get you to think a bit further down the road ahead than the end of the month, or the week, or the end of your fork upon your plate.

We should all be prepared for the new weather patterns.

Nothing less, nothing more.

Time to learn some skills for your family.  They depend upon you. The Federal Government can’t be expected to feed us all forever, baby.

Let’s have some weekend diversion from scary shit, cool? 


Is your home weak?  How about  one made from balloons?  Here’s a Hobbit Hole made from, you guessed it….

If you need heat, let’s build a fire.  Start with kindling.

Dallas Mavericks Cheerleaders new outfits raise eyes, among other things?

Let’s step back in time a bit, and heat it up a little more, cool?

Marisa Miller on Conan, in 2010.

Then, add some solid fuel to the fire.

NSFW Bikini contest.

This is getting quite hot.

You could heat things up like these rapping robbers and who came back with guns and masks after they recorded their demo.  Dumbasses.  They were recorded.  Duh.

Or you could shit where you eat.  That’s a very bad way to turn up the heat on you.  General Betray-us.

Here’s another way to burn some calories.

Does Facebook cause fatness?  That would be funny.  It might need to be called Fatbook?

Why not try to get your mind back in the game?  Follow up to Richie’s post last week about that sad former co-star of  “Saved By The Bell,”  Lark Voorhies (cousin to Jason Voorhies) went on a ET to explain herself.  Not very well.

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out.

OK, One More For Ya.

From Tucky.

This little girl shreds to 25 touchdowns.

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