Saturday, December 22, 2012

End Of The World Needs More Cowbell

Couldn’t Get It Right   

by Climax Blues Band


“Hello?”  indeed, our TDC friend. 

We’ve made it through the End Of The World yet again. 


The next time it’s supposed to happen I’m all set, yet again.  I have my weapon for the zombies and and/or space aliens, the gubment, the Illuminati old men (they still around?) and also the Apocalypses and the Ascensions.

My weapon of choice is called “A Bowl Of Popcorn.”

I’ve been enjoying Pop Corn for many years, haven’t you?  It never gets old, pal, while it does.

Today, let’s take a look into why folks do such a thing, shall we?  All you have to do is put away science and rational thought and just believe in conspiracies and also wear some black track suits with tennis shoes and drink some sweet colored/ flavored sugar water.

Just kidding.

Let’s delve.





First, we need to define what, exactly defines the word Crazy.  According to an abhorrent reading of the current DMS which is lately termed as the IV TR, the thing about crazy is that it’s something not held to be a common belief.  But the newest version: the DMS V, will be available in May of 2013.  Maybe there will be a better understanding of this sort of thing?  The need for it is strongly indicated, yo.

There is also a legal definition of crazy.

Now stay with me here for a few more minutes on this.

If enough folks follow the crazy, but the rest of the world doesn't, then it’s called “Mass Hysteria”  (aka the reason that Germany followed Hitler, Italy followed Mussolini, Japan followed Hiro Hito, we followed a burning Bush, and fuckers still stone people to death in the middle east, then shit gets crazy.

When enough people believe in something crazy, and then all sorts of bad things happen to everyone in their way. 

Crazy feeds off of crazy.  It’s like a shark-feeding mentality. Now the crazy dude on the corner standing on top of the wooden crate has a new megaphone and it is the power of the social networking sites.  

The power of FB is that it serves some people’s need for admiration. It’s quite an alarming, growing trend towards the “narcissistic personality disorder.”

“The symptoms of narcissistic personality disorder revolve around a pattern of grandiosity, need for admiration, and sense of entitlement.”   ---From a description on narcissism in  

Yet, "Crazy" is not the reality of almost everyone else.

You and me, we’ll be all right my friend. 

Just ignore the rufie I slipped into your drink.

Now for your Saturday fun times. Antidotes for you, baby.  Glad to be here.  That’s enough, isn't it?  

Isn't that enough?

To simply be here and have some enjoyment with others during our short time on this tiny blue marble is indeed a blessing.


FB Spoke.

FB Save The Date.

FB Oh My.  Takei is the new Betty White.

Sorry.  Let’s go on.  Be the pigeon, Danny. 

For those of you who don’t understand that reference above, it’s from the classic movie Caddy Shack.  Like, shut out the crazy and just focus.

IOW, don’t fall for what you see.

Like this:  27 Science fiction dreams of the past that have come to be true, due to real science, not the Illuminati crap.

Now we can get solar power from stickers.  Can I get a Hello Kitty hell yes?

On that note, I have only a hint of things to come for my crazy tale at this time.  Since the world didn’t end, been busy last-minute shopping. 

Ya know.

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out.

OK, One More For Ya.


Don’t ask. 

Welcome to The NEW Daily Column!!