Saturday, December 8, 2012

Ice Fishin' With Tucky Number 8

Thirsty Thursday, ‘Tucky Style

Birthdays are a pain!

As I approach what is considered a “major milestone” birthday the end of this month,  I have concluded that birthdays are a pain in the ass! My Wife is pissed at me and my Dotta is pissed at me ‘cause I want my birthday to be low key. No big ass party for this Dude!

My plan is for a nice dinner out at a Restaurant I really like with my 2 Brother’s and their wives on Friday, and an all day campfire (weather permitting) on Saturday with all the Family and close friends instructed to stop by at some point for the campfire and coffee and cake later on.

They want to throw me a big party and spend a bunch of loot to do it.

Weigh in onthe forums, I think the Birthday boy/girl should be allowed to have their choice, It will be interesting to hear some other’s opinions!

And Here we go!

And the Worlds strongest beers are:

I hope this don’t end up on my menu!

Weird fish just discovered

Great Holiday Light Displays!

A little game to play (NSFW)

The Big E get’s “retired”, for now.

Now here is a traffic jam!

Now here’s a novel idea!

And what lives in your belly button?

They use Whale crap in perfume?

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