Monday, December 17, 2012

Newtown Tragedy

Im not going to dwell to deep into what happened in my state this past week , It pains me to the core too deep as to why what happened even happened . A lot of people use this as a soapbox to push their stupid fucking agendas and it pisses me off to the core . Some of those people who have been Daily column readers and contributors for years have pissed me off to the point I am no longer paying these people any mind .

Here's the deal , Everything’s always gotta be about something else. Can’t anything just be about the victims and the situation at hand even for a little bit? Twitter and Facebook are wild right now. Anti-gun people flipping out using this shooting as an example of why we should ban certain weapons. Pro-gun people flipping out threatening to shoot the President if he uses this situation as a reason to increase gun control. People are so fucking selfish it’s unbelievable. Shut the hell up, everyone. Dozens of people — many of them children — were just murdered in cold blood.

I find it DESPICABLE that these sort of people cant take a day off of their insane anti everything rallies on facebook to Shut the Fuck up and not say anything at all , which would be better in this case . Act nutty in a week because most people think you are anyways , theres a time and place that people can point and laugh at how fucking looney you are .....this is not one of them

Fuck your opinions.

Regular column hijinx will take place tomorrow .

Love or Hate him , This was a very heartfelt response to this event

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