Saturday, December 1, 2012

Nothing Like Homeland, Baby

Invasion of privacy is not invasion if you subscribe. It’s like this; the vampire cannot come into your home unless you let it in.

FB wants you to launch their new intelligent photo sync app on your phone so you can instantly upload every pic you take into a “personal folder” on FB.  When you go to FB, you can choose from there which ones you want to share from that personal folder, visible to only you.  Huh.

But this new FB intelligent app, or FBI for short, is really really creepy.  Will the FB app exclude itself to only the pics you take on your personal phone?  There is a lot of info on your phone, right?

Of course, your children won’t have a clue.  They’ll think it’s cool, since their phone’s memory storage won’t get all used up.

Do they take pics of you with their phone?  What else are they taking pics of in your home?

Just thought you should know.  Wait, you’re downloading this app?  Hah?


There are certain things you shouldn’t tweet or you’ll be watched by Hummaland Sekooritie.

Lady Lisa says this song needs to be included here.  She’s a naïve girl, but now I think she’s kinda a hippie?  Cool song at any rate.  I’ll take some ice cream.

Lianne la Havas

(Yes, Lisa, you know it’s big enough.)

Pinokio, the interactive, robotic lamp that brings us one step closer to the robot apocalypse 20 days from now on 12-21-12, according to the Mayans.  


Now, a message about opening up our borders to the aliens.

There are first world countries.  These are the economic giants and world powers.  There are second world countries, like Canada and Mexico.  These are allies to the first world countries. The third world countries are the ones in poverty, with flies crawling around their mouths in the late night ads, begging for donations.

The fourth world countries are folks who have lived on their land for thousands of years, but they still don’t have their own country, even though another country controls their lands.

UN acknowledged one, to the dismay of the greatest superpower to have ever existed.  This occurred yesterday.

Of course, all of fourth world folks got recognized by the UN, also to the dismay of said superpower, and this was a few years ago.

Antidote for you, cats chirping at a squirrel.

Waterbed testers, in a store in Germany.

Hey, don’t blame me for misusing a bow and arrow.  You could poke your eye out, or hurt others.

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out.

OK, One More For Ya.

Porch Swing.  When you let go of a primary rope, and alle with the new line, from an anchor up high, to get to another point below.


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