Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ok , Sound off people and let me know your thought on this

Our daughter was bitten by a dolphin at SeaWorld Orlando. We wanted to share this video so others can make an informed decision about whether or not the risks to yourself or your child are worth the experience.

These parents are the most righteous people in the fucking world huh? “Oh don’t worry honey we’re not going to show anybody this tape.” Yeah except for the part when you post it on youtube and send it to Good Morning America trying to make this Dolphin seem like Jaws or something. Listen I’m so on the Dolphin’s side here it’s not even funny. Just sitting their like fools with their mouths open waiting for kids to drop fish into their mouths. So yeah if some kid starts waving the fish basket in my face I’d jump up and grab it too. It’s not my fucking fault her hand was in the way. That’s why Seaworld clearly says not to raise the basket and taunt the Dolphins with it. And the parents can calm down acting like this was a near tragedy. The Dolphin wanted nothing to do with this girl. It just wanted it’s treat. Stop making it sound like he tried to drag her into the water and eat her. If anything that would have been poetic justice for breaking the rules.

Jesus Christ, kid. just rub some dirt on it and get back in the game. 300% chance dollar signs lit up in these parents’ eyes the second it happened......annnnnd lawsuit launched on Sea World in 5…4…3…2…

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