Saturday, December 15, 2012

TDC Diversion From Insanity

It’s time for you to turn off the telly if you haven’t had enough of the replays and analysis already.

This site today is a diversion for you.  Some things have no reasons, others have stupid and insane excuses, but always remember, everyone is with you now.  

Our thoughts are with you, our Connecticut folks.

Now, be good to yourself and take a break.  Here are some antidotes for you, my friend. 

Greg Behrendt  Is Food Better Than Sex?  Language NSFW, slightly.

Beatbox Cinema, The Dancebox, by Mike Song and Terry Im, aka KRNFX

Take care of yourself, and others.  Go brush your teeth, and don’t forget the back of your tongue.  Mike Marino, Bad Breath.   NSFW due to language.

Comedy is indicated here, for you, now.  Stop looking at the screen, any screen, and simply listen to this hour long humor from Louis C K, at Carnegie Hall, recently.

Guns don’t kill people, dumbasses do.  But, let’s remove video games, guns, bad music, angry people, media anal-ists and schools and let the thought police take over.


If someone wants to do damage, they will find a way.  That’s something that needs to be addressed.

“Sociopaths can be anyone from your mother, father, best friend, neighbor or even your co-worker, and you would not even realize that they are dealing with this disorder that affects everything in their daily life. Sociopaths go above and beyond themselves to make sure that other people around them have no idea that their life is something other than what it is. More than likely you have met one or two sociopaths in your life and not even realize it.
Psychopaths on the other hand are very flamboyant with how they deal with their disorder. Some famous psychopaths that you might know about are Charles Manson, Richard Ramirez, Theodore Bundy and David Berkowitz. These four men are famous for being some of the most notorious and manipulative serial killers in history. Not all psychopaths are as out there as these four men, however their rage is almost always as intense, it just depends on how they channel it.”

- - - From and it is a viable site.  Look at the list of clues that is offered.


Fuck the idea of 12-21-12, there are other things to think about.  Maybe it’s time to consider getting your kids off of the couch.  This looks like a cool movie. Even in the worst case scenario, there are lessons?

Much of what we enjoy holds some truth, some validity.  Here is how we are at our best.  Tiny things?  No:  Real Life, by Keith Loutit on Vimeo.

Speaking of kids, what will you be teaching them?  Dancing is cool, of course.  It is the exhibit of the human form in an expression of emotion, and it occurs with the language of emotion, which is music.

Buccaneers cheerleaders with little Dougie dancing guy.  Very cute.

We have the ability and the responsibility to help these little folks out.  What we should look at is how we might do such a thing.  There is no such thing as a government conspiracy.  Them public officials can’t even get together to stop the fiscal cliff. There will never be space aliens, so stop your kids from looking that shit up.  Illuminati?  Please.  And, 12-21-12  is bullshit.

We have more immediate concerns, and we should simply have a talk with our little ones, reassure them that they will be OK, and then instruct them on how to deal with reality.

It’s the least we can do.

What will be your lessons for them?

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out.

OK, One More For You.

For those of you who enjoy my fiction, here's the beta test for the latest chapter.  This is in no way intended to describe nor excuse the evil that exists in true life.

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