Saturday, December 29, 2012

Weekend At Willies Saturday Space For You

Cassini took this, as it flew behind the loveliest planet to have ever existed.  Click that real image above to see it larger.

One of the coolest things to visualize: how our solar system is traveling along, in a relatively quiet area of the Milky Way galaxy.  We are located between the spiral arms, and thank goodness for that. 

Much less chance of a collision with another solar system.  This is from DjSadhu, and he used 3DsMax.  Our Sun “Sol” is just blasting along, and we are circling it, held in his grip. 

Have you seen this?  From Dewagong, on his ugly site (he makes gifs, but his site is ugly, sorry bro, it had to be said) here is the animation of our own Milky Way Galaxy becoming one with the Andromeda Galaxy. 

Those above in that link are not two suns smashing into each other.  Those are all of the suns in each galaxy becoming a single thing.  Nothing we have written down will ever be found anywhere.

Thank goodness.  This is all we have to show for ourselves.  Dudes being dipshits, trying to be playa, posted on this chick blog.

To be fair, here’s the one from them guys:  Potential Prostitutes.  It’s a pretty bad thing. But no viruses. It shows real cell #s and shit.  Damn.

Antidotes, for the kid in you as well as the kids, and then after these, a couple more bad things for us, we adults.

Happy fun time Mountain Song.  From “Of Monsters and Men.”

Your kids might be interested in space travel, as many of we were when we were younger.  Here’s a safe site for them to visit, to explore how to live in space:  on board the International SpaceStation.  Open it up in a new window for them so they don’t have access to the TDC, at least until they are older.

Here is a fun, simple tool from NASA. Use it to receive a short email note in advance of the next four or five minutes you might be able to see the ISS zoom overhead.  Once a day, you can see it overhead, unless there is a snow storm. Spot The Station. When I wrote this column the night before Saturday, it had let me know that it would appear for six minutes at 5:22pm Eastern time.  It’s very bright, and it travels fast.

We can now make a solid fuel propulsion rocket that can be reused, because it can simply steady itself.  Space X continues to amaze.


The above video reveals two things, which are these:

1.  The work of  Space Exploration needed to be protected from other countries using such technology against the rest of the world: during the Cold War.  But that ended a long time ago, and North Korea won’t be sending anything other than a space chimp up any time soon.  The idea is that when you open up the work of space travel to money makers, then the work gets done much faster, the product is safer for customers, and none gets a fat wallet from gubment contracting.

2. There will someday be a space girl with three titties.

Hey, important work awaits us all.  We need to escape the ultimate demise of all civilization when the galaxies collide.  Just remember to not tell your kids about that part.

Back to the nsfw basics.

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out.

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