Thursday, December 27, 2012

Winter In Maine

When you work in the outdoors, you must always take precautions and be prepared for the worse thing that could happen.

 It’s like taking an umbrella with you if it looks like rain: Carry it around with you and it may not sprinkle a single droplet all day, but if you don’t have it, then the rain will most certainly fall.

In my own case it is not an umbrella, but an assortment ofgarments suited for each type of weather and temperature encounter.  Also, various foot coverings and attachments to traverse the terrain almost anywhere. 

There are various communication devices at my disposal, and a well-stocked emergency kit.  Preserved foods lie packed at the ready and also there is bottled water.  Always rotate your stock so that it doesn’t expire.  FIFO.

The safest thing is to never venture into the wilderness alone, because it is a rare event that two of you may both become injured.  A serious (non-comedic) injury of almost any sort is the immediate signal that the trip is over: time to go home. 

Song for you.

Little Hurricane   by Haunted Heart

This led to an interesting conversation between my wife and me and The Little Woman Who Comes Down From The Hill For Coffee Each Morning.

It circled around me staying home for the day, my wife and son venturing out (he took his mother in his 2010 GMC Crew Cab: loaded) into the snow storm today.

I was telling them to wear boots for the twenty minute ride into Bangor, and also to wear their coats as they drove along.  Better yet, stay home and return gifts tomorrow? 

She told me it would be OK, and then the neighbor said, “Eeee.  Why you telling her to wear her jacket inside the truck?”

My eyebrows went up.  I said, “Well, in case they go off the road, or crash.”

He own eyes grew wide.  She said, “Don’t think like that!  That’s so morbid!”

I shook my head.  “If you end up in a ditch with a broken window, it will get very cold.  It may be a while before someone can get to you to assist you.  If you are uncovered and unconscious, you could pass away from hypothermia.”

Neighbor Lady went on.  “You wishing bad things on them?”

I said:  The difference between a survivor and a victim is their degree of preparedness, right?  Wear a fucking jacket and keep the heat low.  You live in Maine.

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out.

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