Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Xmas hangover

I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday , Now theres one more to go then we get a nice break of all this celebrating .

Apparently Rough & Rowdy Brawl is a redneck toughman competition in the South where local morons go to beat the shit out each other and try to make each other stupider than they already are ..if thats at all possible . The best part about it is they all make YouTube videos pumping themselves up and they are pure comedy gold ! Do I even live in a country where people ike this exist ? It's mind boggling !!

Here are a few examples :


And then there's this beauty :

You know how fucked up I am? I am literally debating buying a flight to Charleston to watch this thing live. Like I’m so intrigued by this fight I can’t even tell you. So make as much fun of this redneck and his redneck Don King father as you want, but they can sell tickets. Seriously I don’t want to see this fight. I NEED to see this fight. Nothing beats a good old fashioned Hatfields vs. McCoys redneck grudge match. This thing has fight of the year written all over it. Plus it probably would make a pretty good blog.

Ok , Here we go ......

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