Saturday, January 26, 2013

Carrot Juice Is Bad For You

Hi there, and well met here on your daily excursion into the internet surfing that you have before you.  Thanks for coming the Mighty TDC, my friend. 

Ya know, I really do wish that I could write something for you that would bring a huge amount of traffic to this fine site, which also could generate interest for thousands of newcomers to join the forums

There is a reason that this cannot be done, and perhaps, why it shouldn’t.

Small sites like this are the hidden pockets of enjoyment one may find along their internet exploration, and this one in particular has always been blessed with the involvement of  members who do their best for one simple thing:

To contribute to the wealth of discussion we each and all (you and me) are capable of enjoying in the Mighty TheDailyColumn forums.

No other site in the world is called The Daily Column and none can never be.

Now, Richie Fowler has been constructing excellent pages for your workday enjoyment in an impertinent and intrepid manner ever since the creation of this site way back in 300 B.C., which was originally perpetrated  by our Founding Father Sexxy Sachs.  (No need to give you too much info about this ghostly figure. I’d fear for my life if I did.)

In this time of the ever-growing monopolies of self-aggrandizement sites such as FB, Twitter, Instagram etc, there is a danger.

It is this:  There is the danger that our community experience on those fun sites will lead to the loss of small, distinct, equally enjoyable internet finds.

The forum on this site is one of those rare finds that you may truly enjoy.

It may involve a bit of security to get through the front door, but that is for one simple reason.  There is no danger of spam.  There are no viruses.  That is why there are no ads on the front page.  You are safe to come inside. Without a rubber.

Or, if you prefer:

This is the hidden restaurant you accidentally discover in an old part of town and then you wonder why you didn't know about it.

Or, perhaps, a rough-hewn cabin by a lake deep in the woods of Maine.  A place unknown by all others, and enjoyed by a lucky few.

That is our value. 

These sites are places that should never be held in competition with them huge sites.

Original content, like the words that Richie Fowler writes in order to show you how pissed off he is about the latest thing (topical), or else some words I write to ease your mind (tropical) are the food of the mega sites.  They wouldn’t exist without these curious finds.

What are your thoughts?


Looks like ‘Tucky was trying to get on a bus to head up-country for some Ice Fishin’ today.

Robin Williams, in 1991, for that movie Awakenings (which was a true story) interviewed by the excellent Johnny Carson.

On another note.  Furious NSFW Cinnamon Bun.

Richie spoke about Beyonce’s lip sync of our national anthem.  There is a real version of how she sounded in the clip below, after a minute of the President’s inauguration.

Google, by Larry Page

Now who doesn't enjoy the Ice Cream Truck.

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out.

OK, One More For You.

Something to see that will not find anywhere else?   

Hey Carrot Juice I want to squeeze you…

Welcome to The NEW Daily Column!!