Tuesday, January 29, 2013

If You’re Brawling In The Stands Of The Pro Bowl You Need To Re-Evaluate Your Life

Hey Andre Johnson. It’s the Pro Bowl. Literally the most meaningless game on the face of the Earth. Couldn’t have less meaning. None of the players on the field care. Nobody is trying. You’re in Hawaii. It’s 85 and sunny with a slight ocean breeze swaying the palm trees. Try enjoying life a little bit instead of sending everyone to the hospital. I mean I don’t get why that dude is wearing a Tebow Jets jersey either. No I don’t know who the fuck #2 on the Saints is. I get that you’re a little confused. But life’s too short to murder everybody at the Pro Bowl.

BTW , That Mr Miagi in the Steelers shirt who got all tough once everyone was held and the police was there is my favorite part of this whole video .

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