Monday, January 7, 2013

Im a huge hockey fan myself and nobody pisses me off more than the "nobody cares about hockey" dickheads. Just because you dont care about hockey doesnt mean nobody cares about hockey. Theres an entire fucking league built around it so I'd say plenty of people care about hockey. So shut the fuck up and go jerk off to the NBA.

BUT I am totally over the NHL at this point after 2 lockouts in the last 5 years , The NHL could give two shits about the fans or the relevancy of the sport in todays sports landscape . I LOVE hockey but will make a stand and not go to any NHL game this season or for a while because I think the fans need to make a stand and show we are a force to be reckoned with and not support a sport that doesnt care about the fans . At some point you need to put your people that pay for your sport 1st .......and the NHL dont care about that at all !

I will go to AHL games and watch the NHL on TV but will not attend any games ....and thats my personal protest of the sport I love .

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