Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Lets start it off right

Ok , The Internet is a strange and wonderful place and it has soooo many things to offer I dont even know what to talk about some days . This is one of those days after watching this video , It literally leaves me breathless with awesomeness !!


I know I always say I spit out my coffee and I wasn’t even drinking any, but if there was ever a time to use that phrase this is it. Because I LITERALLY spit out my coffee and I wasn’t even drinking any when I watched this video. And I did it like 5 times. Just the most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Everything from the song, to this guy shaking his dick to the biker gang that hired him. There is no explanation for any of it. It’s just the Internet being relentless per usual. Honestly what did people do before Online existed? Shit like this would just go by the boards? It seems unfathomable now.

PS – Cue everybody calling me gay for being memorized by a video with a ton of dick shaking. Well if you weren’t entranced by this than you’re trying so hard not to be gay that you’re clearly gay.

Here we go ....

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