Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thirsty Perspective

Beijing at noon on a sunny day

What is your perspective?  How do you view things? 

Let’s step aside from the labels we assign ourselves due to political party affiliation, sports team dedication, country/ state/ city/ town/ neighborhood/ street or relatives.

Let’s consider you, yourself.

How do you approach the world in which you live?

How do you view it?

Is it a chore or is it a pleasure? 

Do you see mostly obstacles, or do you see opportunities to have some fun?

We are each here for a solid 80 years if we are lucky.  Certainly, the valuable leisure time that we have when we are done working to put food on the table and a roof over our heads affords us a chance to explore our pleasures.

Whatever they may be.

No one will judge you here at the mighty TDC, unless, that is, you are really freaky.

Like me, baby.

Perspective.  It’s how you see things.

RIP Earl Warren.  Here’s his perspective on managing a pro baseball team.  NSFW due to a bit of swearing.  Thanks, mighty TDC Moderator Fast Cast.

Reggie Watts has a new perspective for Van Halen’s Panama.  In one take.  Duuuude.

Greg Warren  One Star People in a four star world.

Of course, comedy might not be your cup of tea.  Here’s a cup of something else for you.  Never drink alone again, if you have your phone or other computing device with you.  Virtual Drinking Buddy.  Takes a bit to get loaded.  Don't ask him to play a drinking game.

Hey, I will never disparage booze nor any other intoxicant, as long as it doesn't prevent you from putting food on the table or a roof over your head.  I consider good stand up comedy as the continuation of the story-telling tradition.  It takes great wit to do this well.  We each can tell a great story, right?  That’s my perspective.

Erik Griffin and Ahmed Ahmed.   Comedy from a different perspective, hosted by Russel Peters.  This is #6 of his excellent series.

Speaking of story-telling, here’s my own attempt. It’s a beta version, to be finished on the weekend thing.

This Japanese artist is good with scissors and paper.

Look at what is going on around you.  Often times, there is something to see that you haven’t witnessed before.

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out.

OK, One More For You.

Reggie Watts’ Fuck Shit Stack.  Wait for the jelly at 2:15, but pretty damn good all around.

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