Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thirsty Thursday at TDC: Wake Up!

Good morning, well met.  

Welcome to the bossman Rich Fowler’s TDC.  Owned and perpetrated by him alone, with a little help from his Thirsty Thursday bro and also Weekend guy.  Pour yourself a mug of your favorite stimulant and let’s start the day off right, shall we?  

Who needs coffee?  Try some Tea!  (Ya, um, nope.  Unless it's twisted, and it's a bit early in the day for that.)

Me?  I love my coffee black as the day I was born, and very hot.  Consider:  have you ever thought about using a straw to drink your piping hot coffee?  Ouch and fuck no, thank you very much.  But that is the only avenue for astronauts.  Unless you use a wing-foil shaped container that is hydrophilic. Um, yeah, for you fellow science nerds.

I have a chum who spent his time working on a classic American muscle car, and one that is quite rare to see these days.

What is something that you might have spent a lot of your valuable spare time pursuing, re-building, collecting, or volunteering to do for the community? 

This man was obsessed with building a Canadian railway train in his basement.

We all have our interests away from work, and these are our various addictions (sports/ intoxicants/ hitch hikers/ etc…  Care to share yours in our ultra-anonymous and top-secret forums?

Have you ever wondered what them huge men were saying to each other on the playing field?  “I encompass, and I eclipse.”  Brilliant.  You should know that the BLR YT site is a one man show.  But anyway, check it out.

No matter what it is that you pursue, where will it be in the future?  Here’s how the Earth’s tectonic plates continue to migrate.  How will your city fare?

I get dizzy, my head is spinning

How to land a plane in heavy, turbulent side winds from a storm.  No, these are not hovering like a Harrier jet.  Face a bit towards the wind, then land linear to the runway at the last moment, and make a soft landing for the paying customers.  Balls of steel in the cockpit. Landings and Take-offs are done only by human, and that’s why we rock.

Explore the stars.

Are we humans essentially good or bad?  Interesting study, as reported by the BBC.

Rock on, our TDC friend, for whatever may follow.

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

--willies out.

OK, One More For You.

New chapter of my tale for you to check out.  “Lenny Eats.” 

It’s gross.  No apologies.

Welcome to The NEW Daily Column!!