Thursday, January 3, 2013

Thirsty Thursday Flash Mob Rent A Cop

One thing that’s always interested me is what sort of person becomes a mall cop.

The usual stereotype is this sort of person: Frustrated from being denied entrance to police academy due to failing the psychological screening survey for being too power-hungry or a failed background check due to occasionally punching people in the face and getting caught, dude applies for a Mall Cop position.  No gun, but you get to wear a uniform and use a real live walkie talkie and get to shout into it and also at young people.

The reason for this here Thirsty Thursday post has to do with the flash mob thing my tribe put together in support of the attack upon inherent tribal sovereignty up to the north

Flash mobs are cute and all because they surprise people in a public place and make them wonder what the hell is going on, and then after they realize it’s a nice song and folks are having fun, they smile, join in even, and cheer and give back rubs when it’s over.

This one was intended to shine light on our neighbors to the north, and also the plight of aboriginal folks everywhere.  The attempt to quell the voice of our folks and also erode our culture, our right to exist and our legal power is a continuous attack from many fronts. 

It probably will never end, but it must be stopped.  It’s insidious.

So, these two (anonymous for their protection) native women were holding hands along with others in a circle dance around a court in front of Macy’s and there was this fellow in a white shirt, black pants and a with a walkie talkie in his batman holster who decided to try to bust right between them, but they did not let go.  Clothesline!  He could have simply went to the end of the line, a few people off to the left, but what was he doing?

I didn’t see this happen.  I would be in jail now if I had.  But he told them, “I’m trying to fucking get past you.”  Then he threw their arms up and stormed under, and then just wandered around after.

Granted, the Bangor Mall Admin played their cards right, because the power of Youtube could have cast a negative light on them if they simply shut things down.  But they let it happen for a bit, and then told folks to bring it outside, where it continued.


Nobody got arrested, and even then there were police cars outside.

I understand the need for security given today’s new era of terrorism and shootings at public places and such.  It’s just odd that the dude needed to bust through some women holding hands in a peaceful dance.  Props to them for not letting go of each other’s hands.

But: what kind of person becomes a mall cop?

Just made me wonder.

Why did you choose the job that you hold?

Tell us here in our mighty TDC forums.

And, Happy New Year to you!  We at TDC hope the best for you and yours in 2013.

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out.

This looks like an interesting show.  Too bad we’ll have to wait a few years before we get it here.  Instead of Sir Richard Attenborough narrating, it looks like the Britland version of Keannu jets off to the remote areas of our tiny blue marble.

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